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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Plot Structure Group 6


Orientation is the introduction or base foundation for narrative texts. They introduce the characters and visualise the settings. Here they state why the main character went outside and also described his attire. It also showed the character's attitude.

Rising Action

Rising action is the events leading up to the main problem . In here is the main character following the dog into a smoky building.


The climax is where the complication is. The main character found out people were actually trapped inside the smoky building and tries to open the door which he succeeds in

Falling Action

Falling action is the reaction of the character. When the teacher was about to give him a hug, he cut her off with a shushing motion, meaning he didn't feel noble.


Resolution is the solution to the problem. The main character saved everyone in the building which ended up in loads of reporters interviewing him.

Language Features
Descriptive phrases
Checking me out with his big, goofy, lopsided eyes
Past tense e.g.”They were talking”
“Would you come out?” I shouted
“We’re trapped! The door’s stuck!”
Frigid air, psychotic pug.
Quite suddenly, Just then
Mental processes (thoughts of the protagonist)
Things like ‘Better than you’, or ‘Contemplating World Dominance’ or ‘Shove off’

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