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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

MEAL Approach

Prejudice and Discrimination: M- Lieutenant Kotler. E- pg 90" Do you dare disobey me".A- he speaks as if he owns shumel.
Childhood and Innocence: M- Bruno. E- Bruno sat back in 02" I am sure they don't hate you", he said. A- Bruno does not know about the discrimination that is going on and thinks shumel is treated like him.
Obedience and Conformity:M- pavel. E- pg 79" What is the matter with you tonight?" he asked as pavel uncorked the new bottle. " this is the fourth time i've had to ask for more wine". A- this shows that pavel had to obey bruno's father and is he resisted him, he would be punished. L- now a days this is not very comman but some people do treat their servents like this.
Humanity: M- Bruno. E- Bruno brought some bread to shumel when he met him. A- the fact that bruno brought food to shumel shows that he cared for shumel
Friendship and Loyalty: M- Shumel and Bruno. E- both bruno and shumel cared for each otheand both of them did not care about the other person's religion. A- Bruno always met up with shumel and brought food with him and this shows that he cared for shumel

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