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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

BSP(MEAL Approach)

Prejudice and DiscriminationM:The Germans treating the Jews badly,bringing them to prison and putting them in bad state.
E:Quote"There wasn't any grass after the fence;in fact there was no greenery anywhere to be seen."
Page ref:21
A:The fence was the only thing that was seperating the Germans and the Jews.On the Jews side,no greenery at all,on the German side,lavish houses.That shows that the Jews are in a bad state.
L:The line that the author quote about could be refering to the fence that was what seperating both the Germans and the Jews.This is called discrimination as the Germans think that they are better than them by showing that on their side,they have lavish houses while on the Jews side they have no greenery at all.
Childhood and InnocenceM:Bruno,does not know that his father is not a decent guy.
E:Quote" 'Well,'he added something as close to a laugh as he could muster,'I know the don't like us.They hate us.'
Bruno sat back in surprise,' I'm sure they dont hate you,' he said.
Page ref:102
A:Bruno was taken in surprise when Shmuel told him that the soldiers hate them the "farmers".He always thought that his parents were good to them.
L:Bruno's young childhood and Innocence make him deny whatever Shmuel said was true,not aware of what is happening around him.
Obedience and ConformityM:The soldier(Germans) were commanding the Jew prisoners.The Jew prisoners have no choice but to do it.
E:Quote"The more they were shouted at,the closer they huddled together ,but then one of the soldiers lunged against them and they seemed to do what he wanted them to do all along,which was to stand in a single line.
Page Ref:23
A:The Jew kids must have known what will happen if they do not go with the command,thus when the soldier threaten them by lunging against them,they just followed the order.
L:This shows that the Jew prisoners were force against their will but still obey what the soldiers told them to do or else something bad will happen to them.Although they wanted as much to show defiance,they were scared,this show that it is not loyalty but obediance because of fear.
HumanityM: Bruno brought food for Shmuel to eat
A:Bruno brought food for Shmuel tells us that he cared for Shmuel and didn't think of his as different or of lower status than him.
L:Bruno didnt care of whatever talk his parents said about the jews, he gave Shmuel food as an act of giving to his friend no matter what differences they may have.
Friendship and LoyaltyM:Bruno's friendship and loyalty with Shmuel
A:Bruno would never abandon Shmuel and he would do anything to help Shmuel even if it could have costed his life.
L:Bruno and Shmuel stayed loyal to each other even in the face of death.Bruno would come to the fence everyday to look for Shmuel even under bad weather conditions.Hs actions proves the Friendship and Loyalty between them.

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