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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

BSP Activity Group 5

Share with your group the books and movies, which you have read or watched, that portray this tragic time in history.

The book that our group has read is the "Diary Of Anne Frank". It is about her jewish life during World War ll when the Germans took her and her family to one of the concentration camps. Her diary visually explains what is happening in the concentration camps where the Nazis treated the jews very poorly and mean. This book has a similar story based on The boy in striped pyjamas as both of them are telling the story about thousands of jewish lives at the merciless hands of the germans.

What did you learn about life of the Jews at the time?

The jews were living miserably as the Germans were nasty and cruel to them. At that time, the life of the jewish people would be very short as the jews were tortured or killed by the Germans even though they did not do anything wrong. Moreover, the jews were in pain and sorrow as they were separated from their families and they might not see their love ones agin.

Why is it important for us to remember the Holocaust?

It makes people feel shocked that humans at that time can be very cruel or ill-treated to other people. It also makes all of us feel very sad as they not deserve to face any punishments or tortures like this although they were discriminated. This incident would definitely changed the lives of many people as they would understand the consequences of people discriminating one another.
What does prejudice mean to you? What causes it? How can it be prevented or overcome?

To me prejudice is about being judgemental without a direct experience because we are being bias to one group that the other. Moreover, prejudice starts when one think that they are more superior than the other. Hence, the person starts to unfriend and ignore the person. Worst come to worsts, that the main person may convinced others to also discriminate the other kind such as in race, sex, and even facial features. I think that the only way to prevent prejudice is to inform your parents and teachers so that they can discipline the person and the perpetrator would forgive and mingle with the discriminated person.

Characteristics of a Fable
Examples from
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Teaches a moral
Bruno was obedient to his mother by listening to her rules and stop interrupting whenever she said so. Hence, Bruno's respect and obedience are morals that we should follow too.

Main characters are broadly drawn
Even though Bruno and Shmuel are from different countries and races, they are still buddies no matter what differences they have. They had a strong friendship as Bruno and Shumel would everyday be at the fence to talk and eat with each other especially for Bruno, as he was so concern for Shmuel that he risked his life to enter the camp to find Shmuel's father.

One character displays a flaw that leads to a downfall
Bruno had a hobby as a discoverer. Back at Berlin, he was overwhelmed with curiosity that he would explore secret rooms and places in their neighbourhood. However, "curiosity kills the cat" and Bruno who was the cat in the idiom was killed in one of the gas chambers due to unfortunate adventure with Shumel at the concentration camp to help find his father.

Highlights what makes us human
Bruno had humanity because he was kind enough to bring as much as he can to give to Shumel as he was hungry. Despite their secret and dangerous friendship, both of them still talked and played together as brothers even though Shumel was a jew and he is a german. They were really determined to help one another in times of need.

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