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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

BSP Activity Group 6

Share with your group the books and movies, which you have read or watched, that portray this tragic time in history.
"The Diary of a Young girl" is a diary kept by a Jewish girl, Anne Frank in her time in World War 2. It portrays her hiding in secrecy to the time she was brought to the concentration camp in which she died from typhus. Anne Frank was one of the many children in the concentration camps but the fact that she had a diary full of evidence of what was happening around her made it a bestseller. It was very enticing to read this book in a form of a diary. Anne talked about a whole life including her mother and sister, how they managed to stay alive and how the Nazis treated the Jews.

What did you learn about life of the Jews at the time?
They were living in fear and were very cautious as any minute could be the minute of their deaths.They were also in pain and sorrow, having lost their family or friends and were starving with the scarce food given upon them. They also must have felt unhygienic from not having proper baths. And most of them must have been brutally hit by the Nazis so they bore hatred to the Germans. They were afraid to disobey the Nazis and quietly hid their faces. They were also wearing the same clothes for possibly weeks. We can conclude that their lives were tragic and miserable.

Why is it important for us to remember the Holocaust?
During the holocaust, millions of jews were killed just because they were jews. During the Holocaust,The young, the old, and the weak were sent to the gas chambers and then burned in crematory ovens. The Holocaust had a major impact on the world. The Holocaust proved that racism could lead to really cruel acts. During the Holocaust, there were heroes who risked their own lives just to save others, they stood up for what was right. We would not want to forget them as well or else instead of the huge number of 11 million people that were killed during the holocaust, it might have been more. It is important for us to remember the Holocaust as we would never want it to happen again.

What does prejudice mean to you? What causes it? How can it be prevented or overcome?

To me, prejudice means judging people without any reason at all and to me, it is usually used in a negative state. It happens when certain people dislike a certain something, such as religion, race, etc. We can make the change by changing people’s perspectives of certain groups, show them that what they think may not be true, make them learn to respect and accept one another, just the way they are. By doing this, people can be more bonded and not judge a book by its cover.

Characteristics of a Fable
Examples from
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Teaches a moral

Bruno had shown good character when conversing with his mother. This helps us to understand how we should respect our elder ones and be more polite.

Main characters are broadly drawn
Bruno and Shmuel were drawn together initially because of the fact that Shmuel was the only child he could play with other than his sister. The fact that they had a lot of differences did not matter because gradually they cared for each other like siblings.

One character displays a flaw that leads to a downfall
Bruno has a strong sense of adventure and exploring but that led to his death after the desire to explore the other side with Shmuel to look for his father

Highlights what makes us human
Ans: Bruno was had humanity. Despite the differences between Shmuel and Bruno, Bruno still brings Shmuel food and talk to Shmuel. Bruno did not care if Shmuel was a jew or not unlike Gretel or Lieutenant Kotler.

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