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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Joshua Group

Topic : Theft

My boyfriend and I  just witnessed this older gray-haired man in his 60′s or so get his bike stolen, then got it back, then got [hit by some hooligan kid], and then got his bike stolen again!
6:45pmE Pike & Harvard outside back door of the QFC, manly looking, short teenage girl with short curly brown hair and navy sweatshirt steals a red bike and takes off heading North on Harvard.
[[Old man jumps on the fleeing thief ]and [knocks her over] and gets his bike back.
Arguing ensues after ]man retrieves his bike from short haired manly looking girl], yelling from short white man with purple huskies sweatshirt on, and taller white man with light blue jeans and black and orange windbreaker jacket
Then old man throws some of his groceries at the group, because it’s 3 against 1, he throws what seems to be a container of cottage cheese or something and then the shorter guy with purple huskies hoodie socks him in the face and the old man passes out on the pavement.
My boyfriend calls the police… tells them what happened.
Moments later shorthaired manly girl takes off again with the old man’s red bike!  I yell “hey!!” and my boyfriend, takes off running after her…. he runs down 4 blocks to summit, she heads south on summit, and then he lost her…
I feel really bad for the old man… his injury seemed severe.
I got a picture of the backs of the two dudes who fled going East on Pike.
Feel free to email me back with any questions.
My boyfriend gave the cops all the info too… but I hope we can find the dudes bike…
I’ve always hated that back entrance where the pan handlers sit and cause trouble…

--- - Who
__ - What
--- - When
--- - Why
--- - Where
[  }- How

  • My boyfriend and I
  • older gray-haired man
  • hooligan kid
  • fleeing thief
  • short teenage girl with short curly brown hair and navy sweatshirt
  • witnessed his bike stolen
  • Steals a red bike
  • knocks her over
           gets his bike back.
  • Arguing ensues
  • throws some of his groceries
  • calls the police
  • takes off again         red bike
  • takes off running after her
  • email me back with any questions.
  • They witnessed the older gray haired-man stealing the old man’s bike.
  • A teenage girl stole the old man’s bike
  • Old man retaliates and knock the thief down and retrieved his bike.
  • The old man and the manly looking girl argued after the bike is returned.
  • The old man threw his groceries as it was as uneven fight in terms of numerical value
  • Calls the police to inform them about the incident.
  • Manly girl steals old man’s bike once more.
  • He ran after her for 4 blocks
  • Contact the author for any enquiries
  • 6:45pm


  • E Pike and Harvard
  • North on Harvard
  • Moving 4 blocks to summit


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