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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

JAC's group

Sample of eyewitness report (none on bullying)

- Driver of the van
- driver of the car
- passer bys
The driver of the van was seen using his mobile phone recklessly while driving and had then collided with a car in the opposite lane. Passer bys then rushed to the scene to provide aid
What- collision between car and vanCollision between a car and a van due to irresponsible actions by the driver of the van.
When- Friday 30th January - around 7pmIt was nighttime when the drivers have to be careful or else they might not see incoming cars therefore bringing danger.
WhereAt a traffic light along Bukit Batok Street 11 - near Princess Elizabeth Primary SchoolThe author (Ophelia Wong) was making her way towards the bus stop where the accident happened a few metres away.
WhyDriver of the van was carelessly using his phone and not paying attention to the slippery road hence the van skidded and collided with a car in the opposite lane.The driver of the van was talking on his phone and without putting down his phone, he sped off. Due to the slippery road condition, the van then skidded and veered into the path of a car at the opposite lane and both vehicles collided.
- rainy day
- man in the van was using his phone while driving
- drove too fast
- crashed into another car
It was a rainy day and the man in the van was using his phone while driving and he drove fast, resulting in skidding and the van crossed paths with the car which was going the opposite direction, crashing into each other causing both men were severely injured as Ophelia called the ambulance and a few passer-bys rushed to the drivers’ aid.

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