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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Reflective Essay

My childhood was comparable to a mosquito bite: It sucked the living essence of me and still left a sting in its wake. Growing up with ADHD, it seemed as if it was permanently etched to everyone's brains that all children with ADHD are lazy and undisciplined. Peers and teachers taunted me throughout my childhood for being 'a side effect'. I was brought down harsh from every insult they rained down on me,  which led me thinking I could never accomplish anything.

Thinking back, I realized how foolish it was of me to think that way. Why should I be stepped on for something that is beyond my control? And more importantly, how does this make me any different from other human beings? Every human being has flaws but in the end we are all the same. It is unthinkable  to think there are so many out there discriminated.

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